Freedom System Eye Shadow PEARL 402

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453 Is a Bright White

I can't go to an Inglot store, so I have to make my purchases online. I've bought many of these superb eyeshadows this way.
I was looking for a shimmery true white when I ordered 453, and it is VERY white, to the point that it can look downright glaring if you oerdo. I'm NW15, green eyes, brunette, and I find that 453 makes a fine browbone/inner corner highlight if I apply it sparingly, use a fluffy brush, and blend well. It makes a nice "cool" highlight, especially for hot weather.
Like the typical Inglot shadow, 453 is smooth, densely pigmented, and easily blendable.
It also wears tenaciously over a good primer on my extremely oily lids.


450P is a great burgundy shade

I've been using Inglot shadows off and on for about 10 years. I love how easy to use they are, the colors are true to what you see in the pan. I do suggest going into a store, if you can, to see the colors in-person - though I've never been disappointed by my online purchases. 450P is my absolute favorite cherry/cranberry/burgundy shade. It gives the right about of "oomph" to any neutral look, it adds the perfect amount of warmth. There's also little to no fallout with the Pearl shades, depending on how you apply them (meaning with a crease brush or a flat shader brush).

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Freedom System Eye Shadow PEARL

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