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INGLOT Cosmetics Makeup for Face, Eyes, Lips, Brows, Nails

INGLOT collections are a blend of delightful formulas, diverse shades, and the highest quality ingredients. When creating makeup products, we strive for them to be the perfect complement to every beauty routine. From the basics of face makeup, through accentuated eyes, to expressive lips and perfect brows – INGLOT cosmetics will excel in every element of your makeup. Our offer of manicure and nail care products will allow you to create an aesthetic, fashionable and durable manicure. We offer vegan makeup products. Over 77% products in the brand's portfolio contain vegan formula.

Face Makeup

Every skin type requires individual treatment, which is why INGLOT offers cosmetics for face makeup that cater to various needs. Carefully selected foundation, concealer, powder, and contouring products will perfectly match the skin tone, leaving a natural finish. Meticulously developed formulas ensure a long-lasting effect, and a well-thought-out color range allows you to choose shades that enhance the complexion and give it a radiant look.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup enhances depth to the gaze and allows experimentation with different styles. The range of INGLOT eye makeup cosmetics includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, pencils, and mascaras that work well as everyday favourites or provide extensive possibilities for creating unique effects.

Brow Makeup

Properly defining eyebrows is an essential element of makeup. Therefore, from the wide range of pencils, mascaras, or brow pomades, it's worth choosing products that will shape as desired and emphasize the color. INGLOT brow products are easy to use and allow for quickly achieving a natural yet distinctive effect.

Lip Makeup

At INGLOT, you'll find a rich palette of lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners that add color to your lips and provide proper care and hydration. Depending on preferences or trends, you can choose lip products ranging from subtly saturated, nurturing formulas to long-lasting and boldly matte finishes, to high-shine options for a fuller lip effect.

Cosmetics and Makeup

At INGLOT, we combine makeup with color and care. By choosing our products, you can be confident that you are selecting proven high quality, a carefully curated color range, and formulas that are pleasant to apply, all backed by thorough research.

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