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Freedom System is a unique solution that enables you to fit all your favourite makeup products into one handy, eco-friendly reusable palette. Mix your must-have cosmetics for face makeup freely including bronzers, highlighters, powders or freedom system blushes.

Do you want to reapply powder to your nose but you run out of favourite product? Simply buy a powder refill to your palette. Need a bit of youthful blush? Find suitable freedom system blush refills, available in various colors and with different finishes.

Compose your own custom designed contour palette through mixing must-have blushes, bronzers and freedom system powders. Enjoy the highest quality products that will stay with you for longer.

Need some change or your favourite powder, blush or freedom system highlighter is already empty? Purchase one product, for example cheek blush refill and complete your palette without buying a new one. So simple and convenient to organize and keep order in your makeup bag.

Choose from a wide range of freedom system cheek blushes as well as freedom system powder refills, bronzers or highlighters.

Create your favourite makeup sets and exchange products anytime you want!

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