Freedom System Palette [40]

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The BEST Invention Hands Down!

This is by far THE BEST invention in the makeup industry!!! For so long, I’ve hated the pre-made palettes from other brands b/c there were always eyeshadow colors that I just simply would never use therefore it was a waste of money. So I love the Freedom system b/c as the name suggests, it gives you the freedom to choose the exact color eyeshadows pans that I want. And the palette itself is a great sleek design. I love the magnetic base and magnetic closures on the corners that also serves as a tool to help pull out the shadow pans. No regrets on this purchase! And don’t get me started on the eyeshadow pans themselves and the fact that they’re squares instead of circles, making great use of every square inch of the palette, not wasting space and therefore being able to fit a lot of pans in one palette. PLEASE INGLOT, ALWAYS KEEP this design, forever, as your signature design. It’s genius, it’s classic, and it’s timeless!

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Freedom System Palette [40]

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