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Saves you so much money!

This ends up saving you so much money!! Gel liner or Brow Pomade drying up? Just add a drop of this, the smallest amount brings dead products back to life, so you don't have to throw away products that still are over one-half full!! Have a mascara that is drying up but has a lot of product in it still? Adding a few drops to it can save it as well, but you have to go slow, as it takes a while to get into the tube, and you risk wasting the Duraline when putting in the wand by having it just pour over the sides because it never had a chance to go into the tube... I also like putting it right ON the wand to speed up this process a bit... DO NOT ADD SALINE SOLUTION LIKE SO MANY PEOPLE SAY TO DO, this distorts the entire formula, and for the worst, whereas Duraline doesn't compromise the product.

You can also turn loose pigment into liner or make it securely stick to lids, adding it to foundation or concealer will make it waterproof and less prone to creasing and separating... I add it to my foundation that will be going on my problem areas that have trouble keeping foundation in place, like my upper lip, sides of nostrils, as well as my nose.. or depending on my concealer, and what formula it is, I will add it to that, since usually the places you most want your makeup to be budgeproof and waterproof are where you applied the concealer..
this can also help make patchy liquid lipsticks go on smoother if you apply some to a lipbrush and use that to put on lipstick... OR use it to make a bullet lipstick waterproof!!!

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