Let’s shine with EYELIGHTERS!

Let’s shine with EYELIGHTERS!

2022-03-15 05:08:49

Eyelighters - highlighting eyeshadows of multidimensional colors with the addition of shimmering particles. A composition of three shades to create multiple effects in eye makeup. Play with colors using individually or mix them together.

How to use?

A multi-tasking pressed product that does not fall off and is easy to use on an everyday basis. Super handy, so you can bring it with you and add character to your makeup at any time needed.

- Apply directly on the eyelid using fingertips to achieve the effect of highlighted eye with a semi-transparent color – perfect for a daily look.
- For a spectacular effect, apply the product on a wet Body Art Adhesive. It will enhance the glow and increase coverage.
- To create an evening look, put Eyelighter on top of makeup, in the middle part of moveable eyelid or at the inner corner of the eye. Simply, a perfect final touch!
- Do you experiment with makeup? Mix a small amount of highlighter with a drop of Duraline and transform it into liquid, waterproof formulaton – ideal to create metallic lines.
If you like bold makeup, apply the eyeshadow on top of dark base, created with the use of Kohl pencileyeliner or another eyeshadow. You can be sure your smokey-eye will look like never before. Eyelighter? Cosmic product, cosmic makeup.
- Selected shades can be used as highlighting blush or regular highlighter on the face.

How to choose your color?

Select shades that suit your needs, go well the color analysis and look flattering on you.
The right colors enhance natural gaze and define the iris. So why not to take advantage of it?

- Brown eyes – Perfect shade: 21, 23. Colors placed across each other on the color wheel are contrasting, yet complementary. Intense tones define the brown iris very well.
- Blue eyes - Perfect shade: 24, 25. Blue corresponds with tones of Earth. Hues like bronze, beige, golden, cooper are some of the best eyeshadows for blue eyes.
- Green eyes – Perfect shade: 23, 26. Green iris contrasts beautifully with different shades of pink, red and purple.
- Gray and black eyes – Perfect shade: 22. Works best while performing bold makeup to achieve maximum eye definition.

Have fun with makeup, try out our new Eyelighters, play with color and let us know what you have created!

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