Naturally nourished nails filled with vivid color!

Naturally nourished nails filled with vivid color!

2022-06-20 04:59:11

The Natural Origin line consists of products that include minimum 77% of natural origin ingredients. Their breathable formula ensures oxygen and water permeability, keeping the nail plate in the best possible condition. Quick-drying, with a wide brush and the right consistency, these nail enamels give optimal coverage in just one stroke, creating perfect manicure in an instant!

Nail care in a fully natural way? Yes, please!

Natural Origin Nail Repair Base Coat allows to quickly and efficiently restore the proper condition and a healthy look of nails that are brittle, crumbling, and prone to splitting. The repair base nourishes, hardens and improves the nail elasticity preventing breakage. Enriched with methionine, natural proteins, mineral complex as well as vitamins C, E and F, the product ensures visible improvement of the nail condition just after 28 days of regular use. Apply separately as a transparent nourishing nail polish coat or as a smoothing base under the nail polish to prolong durability of manicure.

How to welcome summer: classically or with a bit of madness?

The new shades of Natural Origin nail polishes will feel your with positive energy, allowing to create the hottest nail looks of the season. Colorful products are not only reserved for holiday but they could also be used to complement monochromatic clothing and emphasize your character.

We have seven juicy shades for you. Which one is yours?

Is it Lemon Curd like lemon sorbet or Pistachio Cream that brings pistachio ice cream to your mind?

Or maybe you like to use two pastel colors applying Baby Lavender in light purple to one hand and the sky blue Alaska Coast to another one?

Energetic Pink Ink in pink and neon orange closed in Papaya Sorbet are ready to spice up a classic look. They work great combined together or used individually.

Limitless Sky in the purple-blue tones just like a cloudless sky will definitely put you in a good mood.

Hard to choose one? Paint each nail a different color!

Use french manicure stickers and create rainbow french tip nails according to current trends. You can also try rainbow reverse french manicure to catch all the glances. Want some flowers or dots?  Grab for wooden cuticle sticks and a thin synthetic PlayInn Makeup Brush 207 to make a cute pattern on nails.

This summer get carried away by colors and take care of your nails naturally with the Natural Origin collection.

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