5-minute brow makeup. Check out our unfailing products!

5-minute brow makeup. Check out our unfailing products!

2022-08-30 04:57:06

Against all appearances, a well-defined brow is one of the most essential elements in makeup. Brows improve the look of eyes, add depth to the gaze or even change face expression, making it look more distinctive. Did you find brow shaping time-consuming or difficult to achieve on a daily basis? In fact, it’s just the opposite!

Depending on the desired effect you want to create, it is enough to use just one or two products together with a suitable makeup brush.

Here is how to style your brows fast and easy to enjoy a long-lasting effect like brow lamination. If you have naturally thick eyebrows or prefer subtle definition, apply INGLOT PLAYINN Soap Brow using 14M Makeup Brush or INGLOT PLAYINN Makeup Brush 200.

Put a small amount of the soap on a spoolie, then comb your brows upwards for needed volume and perfect shape. This transparent soap tames even the unruliest hairs without additional touch up during the day.

To enhance the final look, press the brows with the tip of the handle moving upwards. You can be sure that the hairs will stay in place for long hours.
If you prefer bold creations or want to thicken or fill in sparse brows, grab for super thin and precise Eyebrow Pencil. This pencil is available in three shades, so you can easily pick your favorite to shape the brows as you like. To achieve a natural effect, keep your eyebrows darker towards the arch and tail end. Done!

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