Cool manicure with a pearlescent finish - check out colors on trend.

Cool manicure with a pearlescent finish - check out colors on trend.

2023-12-29 08:50:42

Discover the new, unique range of subtle and Natural Origin nail polishes PEARL and create the most fashionable shiny manicure. The high wearability, abrasion resistance and pleasant application will make you fall in love with this nail polish.

Subtlety in color

Six delicate, pearlescent colors in a "clean girl" aesthetic - ICE PEARL, CANDY PEARL, LILAC PEARL, PEACH PEARL, CARAMEL PEARL and CHOCOLATE PEARL range from delicate white through subtle, sweet pink and purple to classic, natural beiges. The past and the modern combine to create one of the hottest trends. Pastel shades are timeless and extremely versatile. With them, you can create a delicate manicure that's perfect for everyday wear, as well as a subtle accent that suits elegant evening outings.

The beauty of pearl finishes

The subtle iridescent shimmer is an eye-catcher, adding an unmistakable charm to your nails. What is more, pearlescent polishes reflect the light brilliantly, making your nails look extra glamorous. By creating a fashionable manicure with pearl polishes, you have a lot of freedom to create unique designs and embellishments. Add delicate embellishments to create nails that will impress everyone.

Formulated with natural ingredients

The Natural Origin line is a range of products with a breathable formula consisting of a minimum of 74% natural ingredients. The formula allows water and air to pass through the nail plate and keep it in the best possible condition. For best wear, use the polish with a NATURAL ORIGIN BASE AND TOP COAT. This will make your manicure shiny, long-lasting and perfect for a long time.

Application and durability

Discover how to get the perfect effect in just a few steps:
1. Nail preparation:
- make sure your nails are clean, dry and free of any residue from previous polish.
- file and shape your nails as desired - file in one direction, use paper files - we recommend an orange medium file for natural nails or a blue fine file for very thin nails.
- always remember to degrease your nail plate before applying nail polish - wash your hands to get rid of the greasy film that is left by remover or cream, this will make your manicure last longer.
2. Base and layers: apply NATURAL ORIGIN NAIL BASE COAT to prolong the life of your manicure. Then apply two thin coats of pearlescent polish, allowing each coat to dry well.
3. Top coat: Wait for the second coat of polish to dry and protect your manicure with a layer of NATURAL ORIGIN TOP COAT to add durability and extra shine.

The hype for pearlescent nail polishes in pastel shades is one of the strongest trends of the season. The subtlety and beauty of the pearlescent finish make these polishes a must-have in any nail cosmetics collection. It's time to reach for your favorite shades and create your own manicure in the pearl nails trend.

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