2023-09-26 09:08:25

Highlight your innate beauty with a unique limited INGLOT 40 YEARS OF CELEBRATING YOUR BEAUTY collection developed to celebrate the brand’s 40 years in the beauty industry. New, refreshed edition of the best-selling products were presented. A magnetic makeup palette from the iconic Freedom System and 3 lipsticks in top shades and various finishes comprise a kit you’ll want to get your hands on immediately. The mirror finish of the packaging shields the magic of reflection that is to remind about appreciating oneself and one’s uniqueness.

40 YEARS OF CELEBRATING YOUR BEAUTY FREEDOM SYSTEM MAKEUP PALETTE comprises a set of carefully selected products hidden in an elegant silver palette with a mirror. Strong attention to quality and aesthetics allowed us to create a unique multiple use palette that houses 4 color-coordinated eyeshadows and a universal blush. Matte, neutral, beige shade will work perfectly as base shade that will easily even out eyelid color. Pleasant formula and high pigmentation make it a breeze to blend and apply other shades to create the trendiest blurry effect. The palette features dark matte bronze that will allow you to highlight the lash line to optically thicken it. Applied over the entire eyelid, it creates the perfect smoky eye with a trendy twist. The eyeshadow selection is complemented by two glowing shades for the 3D effect. A slightly metallic formula and a warm shade will get your gaze glowing. Colors chosen by us perfectly complement each other giving a multitude of possibilities in creating makeups. A universal blush with a pleasant, velvet formula will work perfectly to achieve that fresh, radiant look. It is easily applied on the skin without looking patchy and allowing to build color intensity. The magnetic palette allows you to replace the products once they're used up. You can fill it to the brim with your favorite cosmetics from INGLOT’s rich Freedom System offer.

The jubilee collection which celebrates individual, unique beauty, wouldn’t be complete without three lipsticks in timeless shades that not only highlight the lips, but also care for them.

INGLOT 40 YEARS OF CELEBRATING YOUR BEAUTY KISS CATCHER 903 LIPSTICK is a product with subtle, glossy finish and delicate dusty rose hue that complements many beauty types. Its light formula gently brings out lip color and provides protection against the effects of external factors. Shea butter, jojoba, tsubaki and macadamia oils, vitamin E and natural peptides found in the formulation will protect lips against water loss, leaving them firm and smooth.

INGLOT 40 YEARS OF CELEBRATING YOUR BEAUTY LIPSATIN 306 LIPSTICK is a product with satin finish, velvety smooth creamy formula and high pigmentation that ensures full coverage. Rich in caring ingredients such as vitamin E, cherry, argan, coconut and apricot kernel oils, it smoothes, hydrates and improves skin elasticity, leaving the lips nourished and regenerated and ensuring wearing comfort. Versatile subdued pink will perfectly complement every style.

INGLOT 40 YEARS OF CELEBRATING YOUR BEAUTY MATTE 405 LIPSTICK is a timeless, deep nude shade with intense matte finish in the form of a classic, long-lasting lipstick. Thanks to the presence of vitamin E, avocado and macadamia oils, the lipstick is easily applied and it cares for the sensitive skin of the lips. The intense color will be a perfect choice for both day and night makeup.

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