Cosmetics for spring-summer 2023 you can't miss

Cosmetics for spring-summer 2023 you can't miss

2023-04-05 03:11:52

Spring and summer are the perfect time to replace heavier, strongly covering cosmetics with lightweight, moisturizing formulas that accentuate the natural glow of the complexion. The new collection ETHEREAL includes products that will make your makeup perfectly in line with current trends.

A silky FREEDOM SYSTEM CREAM BLUSH VELVET FEELING is a product we can't imagine fresh makeup without. The creamy, easy-to-apply formula allows you to build up intensity as needed. Apply the blush with a sponge or pat with your fingertips, along the cheekbone line, for a subtle and delicate radiant complexion effect. We've added two new shades to the color palette, so you can easily choose the one that works perfectly with your beauty type.

Makeup for warmer days also means sun-kissed skin. The new shade of FREEDOM SYSTEM CREAM BRONZER TAN FEELING will beautifully highlight your cheekbones, contour your face or give your skin a healthy tan. Application with a brush or sponge will make it easy to create a natural and precise effect without stains. The waterproof formula of the product is a guarantee of durability even on the hottest days.

Can't imagine your makeup without highlighting your eyelids? Choose a luminous accent and makeup with metallic and full of shiny particles FREEDOM SYSTEM eyeshadows. The new ETHEREAL collection consists of six colors, allowing for bold combinations. Pink, green and gold dominate this year's spring makeup looks. Choose your favorite shades and use them both in daytime makeup and those created for special occasions.

The ETHEREAL collection is complemented by 8 spring shades of NATURAL ORIGIN NAIL POLISHES. Opt for freshness and minimalism and create a clean girl style manicure with delicate pastel colors or make multicolor nails! A manicure in an intense summer color will be a fashionable accent to your look.
Light and airy? Or maybe bold and intriguing? Do your makeup with the ETHEREAL collection and make it an indispensable part of your makeup routine.

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