New! ALL EYE WANT mascara. All what your lashes dream of.

New! ALL EYE WANT mascara. All what your lashes dream of.

2023-03-13 05:01:38

Mascara is an essential element in everyday makeup. Enhanced eyelashes mean an unquestioned must-have not only in evening makeup but also in a clean makeup look, still in the trends. Properly selected mascara can work wonders accentuating the gaze and adding you some character. Discover and try out the ALL EYE WANT product available in two versions to create a stunning effect!

A silicone wand is a perfect tool to apply mascara in a quick and effective way. And ALL EYE WANT mascara is all you need. Medium-sized with thick bristles, this product adds volume leaving your lashes perfectly separated.

Its elastic brush reaches to even the shortest hairs defining the lash line from root to tip. The formula allows applying as much coats as needed to hit the level of volume you desire, including the false lash effect. Easy to apply, stays put all day without clumping, flaking or leaving marks on eyelids. Intense black pigment ensures the maximum colour depth to make the look expressive. Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you in search of mascara that works in any situation? ALL EYE WANT mascara in a waterproof formula with a matte finish is for you. Owing to its care properties, the product keeps the lashes in good condition and can be used by people with sensitive eyes.

Achieve the most fashionable effect, curl your lashes with curler, then apply the mascara but make sure you keep your eyelids slighly closed. It will help to apply the right amount of the product to upper and lower lashes. If you’re a fan of bold makeup, repeat the application. To complete the look, put a black KOHL pencil on the upper waterline. Mascara and smokey eye is the perfect duo in the following season.

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