Perfect gifts for $15, $35 and $55

Perfect gifts for $15, $35 and $55

2022-12-16 08:11:14

We associate the Holiday Season with a magical time spent with loved ones. Being together, decorating the Christmas tree and the family atmosphere put a smile on our faces and make us look forward to the first star. Holiday Season is also a time when we want to show others that they are important to us by giving a gift. Choosing the perfect gift that will not only delight, but also be practical is quite a challenge. This year we have taken it upon ourselves to create a list of unique gifts! Discover suggestions for products up to $15, $35 and $55, which you will be happy to put under the Christmas tree.

Want to give a small gift to a loved one or want to include it with a larger gift? Choose one of our suggestions up to $15.

INGLOT PLAYINN SOAP BROW – The ideal product for those who set their sights on perfect eyebrow highlighting. The transparent gel formula tames even the most unruly hairs. Just a small amount of product will allow for perfect eyebrow styling, which will last all day. Ideal for application solo or with other favorite products.

PRO BLENDING SPONGE – A soft sponge for applying foundation and creamy products for contouring. Moistened with water, it reduces the use of cosmetics to a minimum, and creates a ''second skin'' effect during application. Perfectly spreads foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter in cream, creating one consistent layer, as well as making it easier to build coverage. Indispensable in everyday makeup - guarantees a quick application and a perfect effect.

FACE OIL – SUNRISE DROP, SPOTLIGHT DROP, DREAM DROP (TRAVEL SIZE) – The perfect gift for those who appreciate beauty rituals. The rich compositions of the oils will take care of the skin, providing deep hydration and regeneration. Ideal for use individually, as well as for mixing with other products - such as foundations, adding a healthy glow to the skin. Used systematically, they improve the condition of the skin. The small size will allow you to have them with you whenever you need them - whether at home, at work or on the go.

Looking for a ready-made gift in beautiful packaging? Go for carefully composed sets in beautiful boxes and choose a gift up to $35.

LIP MAKEUP SET ENJOY LITTLE THINGS. – the set which includes - intensely moisturizing KISS CATCHER Lipstick in nude color and ME LIKE Lip Gloss. This is an excellent option for those who put their lips first. A velvety lipstick in a new nude color will subtly emphasize them, and in combination with a mini gloss ME LIKE, full of shiny particles, it will achieve the effect of fuller, saturated with shine lips.  

BRUSH SET ENJOY LITTLE THINGS. – A holiday set of brushes in elegant red caps for full makeup application. Soft synthetic bristles make product application more pleasant. The set is enclosed in a cosmetic case so you can easily take it on the go or throw it in your purse. The set makes a perfect gift for any makeup lover, because as you know - you can never have too many brushes.

MAKEUP SET FOR LIPS – TANGO KISS, FLAMINGO KISS, NUDE KISS – perfectly matched sets of SOFT PRECISION soft lip liners, and KISS CATCHER lipsticks will take care of the delicate skin of the lips and give them color, so that the recipient can easily create makeup inspired by the latest trends.

EYE MAKEUP SET KILLER COUPLE – a set of two bestselling products enclosed in a handy package. AMC EYELINER GEL and DURALINE, thanks to which making even the most demanding eyeliner will become a pleasure. The waterproof formula will guarantee durability, and the intense black color will add striking depth to the look.

If you want to give a makeup fan a unique gift go for the bestselling product up to $55.

BRUSH TUBE MAKEUP SET (GREEN) – A complete set of 6 brushes made of synthetic bristles enclosed in a green, resealable tube. The wooden handles and green caps fit perfectly into the Holiday Season atmosphere. Not only do they look beautiful, but thanks to their compact size and tube they will be an extremely practical gift.

HYDRATING DAY SERUM – the perfect gift for those who appreciate in-depth care and sensational results! The serum, rich in natural ingredients, including - hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, E, F, black pearl extract, microalgae and bioactive peptides will comprehensively take care of the complexion. The serum will be a perfect gift for people with sensitive skin because it is fragrance-free and contains no colorants.

MAKEUP CASE DIAMOND SMALL – a fashionable, stylish yet extremely practical gift for makeup lovers and more! Elegant black case that will hold not only cosmetics, but also nail or eyelash accessories. Perfect for storing your favorite products at home or for taking on the go.

Choose gifts from our list or take a look at our other products and create your own dream set.

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