How to create fresh makeup for fall? Check and try out our new cream products!

How to create fresh makeup for fall? Check and try out our new cream products!

2022-11-29 05:57:36

Glow complexion with a subtle contour and a touch of blush is certainly in line with current trends, Give yourself a moment to achieve a healthy glow effect using only three cream products. Let’s do it!

Bronzer, blush and highlighter available in Freedom System are perfectly designed for wet contouring. Their velvety formulas spread on evenly giving a natural effect, whereas sweet and fruity scents are ready to spice up your day.

Keep summer vibes for longer and achieve sun-kissed skin!

At first, focus on even skin using your favorite foundation. Then, start applying Freedom System Cream Bronzer Tan Feeling along the cheekbones and the top of the forehead to create a sun-kissed skin effect. A delicate formula with emollients ensures smooth and comfortable application with no smudges. Achieve the most satisfying look with synthetic angled brush including INGLOT PLAYINN Makeup Brush 201. If you expect more precise contouring, grab for Makeup Brush 47S, then use foundation applicator to blend the product seamlessly. You have three shades to choose from to enjoy the most suitable natural tan! This bronzer is waterproof so you can wear it all day long.

Give your face a bit of blush!

Go for fresh and light makeup with super girly Freedom System Cream Blush Velvet Feeling. The velvety smooth texture of this product melts perfectly into the skin, adding a healthy blush without the sticky feeling. Apply with INGLOT PLAYINN Makeup Brush 203 or use your fingertips to blend the product along your cheekbones. Put a small amount of the blush on the eyelids or your lips and create a complete look.

Soft and natural shine

Add the final touch to your makeup full of healthy sparkle. Choose Freedom System Cream Highlighter Glow Feeling and, depending on your individual needs, achieve a soft illumination look or the effect of wet skin. Apply the product to the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow or the temples using INGLOT PLAYINN Makeup Brush 204. If you want to spread the formula along décolletage and top of the shoulders, grab for INGLOT PLAYINN Makeup Brush 201. This creamy highlighter is perfect for strobing, a popular contouring technique which allows to optically rejuvenate and make your skin looking less tired.

Benefits? All products can be easily combined together, providing a maximum natural finish.
Compose a palette of your favorite colors and be amazed by the final effect!

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