The effect of sun-kissed skin with INGLOT bronzers!

The effect of sun-kissed skin with INGLOT bronzers!

2021-08-03 05:23:28

Natural-looking tan is definitely our favorite summer trend. Discover the whole collection of face and body bronzers and keep the effect of sun-kissed skin all year round. Use selected products to highlight your tan on hot summer days or add a bit of glow and color during the cold season.

A velvety matte finish or a subtle shine?

Always the Sun collection consists of six shades of Freedom System Always The Sun Matte Face Bronzer and four variations of Freedom System Always The Sun Glow Face Bronzer, suitable for all skin types. Their beautiful, warm and neutral colors allow to get a natural effect of sun-kissed skin without tanning. The velvety consistency mixes well and blends perfectly with other makeup products. Use to achieve a monochromatic look applying the bronzers as eyeshadow. Golden particles hidden in the formula of Freedom System Always The Sun Glow Face Bronzer, reflect light and ensure the illuminated finish. To achieve the effect of matte skin, find your perfect shade of Freedom System Always The Sun Matte Face Bronzer.

If you go for bronzer to finish your makeup, yet have a tendency to shine, remember to apply Mattifying System 3S Loose Powder prior to application. The product perfectly adjusts to the skin tone, while its formula ensures a long-lasting and healthy look for hours.

Love contouring? Apply Always the Sun bronzer in sweeping motion across the entire face using a big fluffy Makeup Brush 1SS. To enhance the final effect, put Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder on top with Makeup Brush 15BJF. Depending on the shape of your face, add definition to the cheekbones, jawline, temples and nose. Do not overuse the product.

Attract attention with beautiful tan applying the bronzer with shimmering particles to the shoulders and collarbones. We especially recommend using Makeup Brush 203 from the PLAYINN collection. To emphasize the final look, spray the brush with Me Like Illuminizing Face & Body Mist.

The perfect mix of browns and sparkling particles

AMC Multicolour System Bronzing Powder is a combination of five shades that can be mixed together to provide intense color saturation. The satin formula ensures a subtle finish and natural effect, whereas reflecting particles optically smooth skin. The variety of colors works perfectly while face contouring. For precise application, grab for Makeup Brush 4SS or Makeup Brush 6SS.

Liquid bronzer? Yes, please!

AMC Face and Body Bronzer is a product to stay in your collection not only in summer. It evens out the skin tone, while care ingredients nourish and smooth your skin. The shades with a velvety matte finish and the addition of shimmering particles work perfectly once applied to legs, shoulders and décolletage, particularly on special occasions or during hot weather. To hide minor skin imperfections, put the product on face with Pro Blending Sponge. The creamy, but long-lasting formula of a balm-like consistency absorbs quickly without leaving streaks and staining clothes. Ensures the most comfortable feeling on hot days.

Enjoy the effect of sun-kissed skin over the entire year!

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