Under eye and face concealers. Find your perfect product.

Under eye and face concealers. Find your perfect product.

2021-08-27 05:20:31

Face concealer, next to foundation, is one of the most helpful products to achieve the effect of flawless skin. It can be used to hide discoloration, imperfections or dark circles as well as to contour, lighten and darken selected skin areas.

Despite covering properties, concealers should also be characterized by proper components.

We highly recommend to apply formulas enriched with care ingredients that have a positive impact on skin condition.

How to choose the right concealer?

If you are searching for perfect concealer, pay special attention to your needs and the final effect you want to achieve.

If you wish to cover bruises, swelling or puffiness under the eyes, choose concealer dedicated to the delicate eye area. Such a product has lighter formula that allows building the level of coverage, depending on individual preferences. The under eye concealer is a real expert to combat tiredness. Enriched with organic silicones and Vitamin E, it moisturizes and smoothes skin as well as reduces the visibility of minor wrinkles and provides a silky smooth effect.

For more demanding skin around the eyes, we recommend applying All Covered Under Eye Concealer. The waterproof formula and special film formers ensure a long-lasting effect, whereas care ingredients such as Vitamin E or saffron extract also called 'red gold' protect againts free radicals, provide moisture and make the skin more elastic. Despite strong coverage, the product does not highlight wrinkles nor dry skin areas. Can be applied on spots or while contouring.

The effect of radiant skin? Reach for AMC Under Eye Corrective Illuminator. Thanks to the delicate formula with light reflecting properties, it works perfectly during photo shoots.
Convenient packaging with a brush allows fast and precise application. A must-have for those who are in love with a natural, yet glowy finish.

If you prefer quick makeup and multifunctional products, Coverup & Highlight DUO Concealer and Illuminator is especially for you! This concealer with a powder matte finish covers up imperfections and evens out the skin tone. The precise applicator allows precise application on spots. If you are fond of glowy skin, mix the concealer with highlighter, then apply under the eyes. HD pigments present in the highlighter, ensure a radiant effect, whereas saffron extract moisturizes and smoothes the delicate under eye area.

Concealer for broken capillaries and redness? Go for AMC Cream Concealer in the green color as neutralizer. Apply under foundation wherever it is needed. Beige shades applied on top of the foundation would be perfect to cover imperfections and even out the skin tone.

Do you want to cover up your tattoos or deep discoloration? Use Freedom System Camouflage Concealer. It is a super task product! Available in a wide range of shades with a buildable formula to achieve from medium to strong coverage. Do not forget to apply All In Eye Cream under the eyes, prior to application, Continue with a small amount of concealer. Warm up with your hands and apply to the skin using a tapping method. To achieve lighter consistency, mix the product with a drop of your favorite face oil from INGLOT LAB. To finish the look, apply the powder on selected parts of the face and body.

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