Manicure in harmony with the trends and nature? We've got it!

Manicure in harmony with the trends and nature? We've got it!

2022-03-23 05:03:55

As the Natural Origin polishes rapidly gained popularity, won our hearts with its rich formula, we've decided to widen their color range. Now, with the inspired by Nature beiges, browns, and pinks, you can enjoy new, more vivid shades.

Among those, you can find a mysterious and dangerous Shadow Hunter that can be used for a rock-and-roll like manicure as well as a strong accent with a more delicate look.
A classic white in Coconut Shake will not leave any of the French manicure lover indifferent.
For the fans of red wine, we have an extraordinary polish in deep maroon – Dry Merlot, which is an alternative to the timeless and fiery red of Short Romance.
Another juicy color in this collection is sweet Rose Jam. Despite its bold color, it is still a very elegant and delicate choice. It will look amazing with Sun tanned hands and feet.
Morning Dance is perfect for those of more romantic note in their hearts. With the lilac tone, it is a perfect choice for an everyday manicure. And for the fans of darker nails we have deep violet Wild Orchid – a strong, elegant, and very fashionable color.
Among the top trends, there are also all sorts of blues. This inspired us to create Sea Storm – a shade resembling unsettled sea.

Natural Origin polishes are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. The polish and its shine stays intact for even 6 days (if base and top are used). Moreover, due to their breathable formula, the air and water can penetrate the polish, keeping the nail in best condition.
The advanced formula of Natural Origin polishes contains up to 84% of natural origin ingredients. Among them such special ones as: ethyl and butyl acetate produced from sugar beet and sugar cane as well as a natural plasticizer that provides flexibility to the nails. The base raw materials for producing them are corn, grains, sugar beets.

We're going to tell you a secret – we haven't said the last word when it goes about the new shades of Natural Origin polishes... Soon you can expect even more hot new shades that have not been seen yet!

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