X-mas gift

X-mas gift

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If at least for a moment you’ve been thinking about gifts for your loved ones, you certainly know how difficult it is to clearly define their needs. For this hot Christmas period, INGLOT has prepared some practical, top-choice gift examples which will definitely make the recipient smile.

To meet the needs and expectations of the makeup world, we definitely focus on the quality of products and precision in makeup application. Considering the individuality of our customers, decision of choosing the right shades and numerous dilemmas which occur when buying Christmas gifts, we recommend to focus on the essentials. The must-haves that will make your makeup creation unforgettable. We suggest buying fail-safe brushes and accessories which are crucial in makeup application.

INGLOT has a wide range of makeup brushes made of natural and synthetic bristles. The offer includes various shapes and sizes of brushes for face, eyes and lips. Check out our bestsellers which have been willingly purchased by the customers for years.

A small, slender brush with angled head. Made of taklon. Although it is dedicated to create strong and defined lines, it can also be used to achieve a subtle effect on the eyes. Perfect for eyebrow makeup or as an alternative for eyeliner as it helps to precisely highlight the eye. The bristles don’t absorb makeup, which makes it easy and fast to keep the brush clean.
Bristles: taklon
Application: eyeshadows, gel eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow wax

A convenient brush perfect to create lines on the eye. Allows precise application of the product in one move. An angled ferrule with bristles helps to create perfect lines. This brush can also be used to apply eyebrow products or eyeshadows. Its rigid, compact end provides high coverage. Works well with products of a creamy or gel consistency. Very easy to clean.
Bristles: taklon
Application: eyeshadows, gel eyeliner, eyebrow wax

A brush with a flat-cut top. Made of synthetic bristles with two types of fibers, it provides even greater elasticity and fluffiness, while maintaining gentleness on the skin. Intended to apply products of various structures and consistency. Perfect to apply base, foundation, cream blush or liquid highlighter. Thanks to this brush, cosmetics are spread with a thin and very even layer. Made of durable and easy to clean taklon. Its shape and multi-purpose function make it an irreplaceable tool in any makeup bag.
Hair: synthetic
Application: base, foundation, blush, highlighter

If eyes are worth emphasizing in makeup, choose Makeup Brush 30T or Makeup Brush 31T and buy it together with Eyeliner Gel 20% off the regular price. perfect gift

To keep your brushes properly clean, use a Brush Cleanser that gently cleanses and disinfects the bristles.

Another quick and easy way to keep the brushes clean is to use a Makeup Brush Cleansing Palette. To cleanse the brushes soak them in water, apply a gentle detergent to the palette and rub the bristles against its multi-textured surface.

Take advantage of our customers’ experience, choose one of our PERFECT GIFT brushes and present your loved ones with both beautiful and practical gift.


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