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Inspiration: Doll like, winter kissed with an accent of gold.

Get the Look: Mix AMC Cream Concealer and Under Makeup Base together and gently massage into skin with fingers to give the perfect dewy finish. Conceal entire eye area with AMC Cream Concealer, Under Eye Corrective Illuminator, and set with Freedom System Eye Shadow 351 from the lid to brow bone. Line the waterline with Soft Precision Eyeliner 31 and set with Freedom System Eye Shadow 351 to ensure coverage is solid and opaque. On the top lash line add Individual Eyelashes 45S 'cluster' and on the bottom lash line add 45S 'tree' focusing on the center of the eye to give the illusion of a round eye shape in a 1960's doll like fashion. Paint on a solid brow with AMC Eyeliner Gel 95 in a graphic arched shape, build up more golden color and shine by adding Freedom System Eye Shadow 155 till the brow looks solid and reflective. Conceal around the eye area with AMC Cream Concealer slightly lighter than the skin tone and then cover with HD Illuminizing Powder using an eye shadow brush to get the most reflective finish possible so the brows have a halo-like glow.

Blend a sheer layer of AMC Cream Blush 80 over the entire cheek area and concentrate the most color on the apples, then gently dab Freedom System Lipstick 27 onto the apples for an extra pop of color. Apply a generous layer of AMC Cream Blush 80 onto the lips and then dab Freedom System Lipstick 27 through the lip opening to give the illusion that the lip has been sucking on a pink frozen popsicle. To finish the look dust entire face with HD Illuminizing Powder matching the skin tone and contour the face with bronzer to add definition and dimension.

Products used:

INGLOT Under Makeup Base
INGLOT AMC Cream Concealer
INGLOT Under Eye Corrective Illuminator
INGLOT HD Illuminizing Powder
INGLOT AMC Cream Blush 80
INGLOT Freedom System Lipstick 27
INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel 95
INGLOT Soft Precision Eyeliner 31
INGLOT Individual Eyelashes 45S
INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadow 155, 351, 318
INGLOT Volume & Waterproof Mascara

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